Generon established an ImmunoTherapy antibody (ITabTM) platform to generate bi-specific antibodies for immune-oncology (I/O) therapies. A major I/O therapy strategy is aimed at directly activating T cells in cancer patients either by chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR, or CART), or T cell activating bi-specific antibodies. One other approach is to un-block T cell inhibition through immune check point inhibiting Abs.

Bi-specific antibodies generated from the ITabTM platform simultaneously bind to the CD3 molecule on human T cells and to specific tumor antigens, thus forming a synapsis between the tumor cell and T cells linked by the ITabTM antibody, which causes activation of the T cells, and thus the release of mediators lysing the tumor cell. ITabTM antibodies can drive expansion of T cells rendering them as serial killers of tumor cells.

ITabTM antibodies are manufactured in CHO cells and have proven very potent in vitro and in animal models. Multiple ITabTM antibodies are in preclinical and clinical stages of development.


            ITabTM Mechanism of Action